Sick and Shut-in
Let's remember the sick in prayer and go by to visit with them.
Sick at home & hospital:

Ms. Virginia Wells
Ms. Ella Henderson
Ms. Shirlene Foster
Ms. Martha Lou Fuller
Mr. John A. Ferguson
Ms. Shena Gentry
Ms. Tina Hunter
Mrs. Mildred Miller
Ms.  Jaime Woodruff
Ms. Shay Brewton
Ms. Janie Ferguson
Mr. Joe Louis Miller
Mr. Ms. Maxine Freeman
Mrs. Nora Miller
Ms. Frances Boyd
Mrs. Mary A. Woodruff

Sick in healthcare facilities:

        Ms. Barbara Wofford -Mountainview Nursing Home, Sptbg

       Ms. Martha Means, Valley Falls Terrace, Sptbg  

         Ms. Gertrude Tucker, Woodruff, SC           

    Mr. Lewis Young - Poinsett Rehab Healthcare Center, Station
    #3, Room 506, Greenville, SC  (864)295-1331

    Mr. Andre Martin - Reid's Residential Care, 950 Old
    Spartanburg Hwy, Wellford, SC - Phone:  (864)249-0412

        Mr David Boyd - Brookview, Gaffney, SC (864)489-3101
We pray your strength in the